Current Java Projects

At the moment I work on an implementation of the JTAPI for the Microsoft Windows platform using Microsoft TAPI, the JTAPI-TAPI-Bridge. I add new parts to the bridge continuously to develop functionality.

This link takes you to a detailed description of the project LongJTAPI.

Before I started this large project I had worked on some smaller projects, few of which I didn't finish. The following table shows all these projects and takes to the pages containing additional information:




Last Modification


LongJTAPI TAPI-JTAPI-Bridge. 1.1.2 2003-05-03 Release
LongRSA Classes to code strings and generate keys.
Input and Output FilterStream to code streams.
All of this classes use a simple RSA algorithm.
2008-07-03 Release
LongMail Client using SMTP to send eMails. 1.0.1
2.0 Alpha
2008-07-06 Release

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