This is the biggest project I have ever started. It combines my experience in telecommunications and the Java programming.
Sun Microsystems added an API for the programming of telekommunication applications to the Java standart API's. On the one hand these CTI applications (Computer Telephon Integation) are to assist computer users in doing their work with telecommunication, on the other hand they support big telecomunication software projects like PBX and callcenters. The name of this API is JTAPI (Java Telephon Application Programming Interface). The current version is 1.4. All interfaces of the package start with javax.telephony. Sun Microsystems delivered the future development of the API to the ECTF (Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum). All big players in the field of telecomunication work in this forum. The next version of the API will be published by the ECTF.
JTAPI is a collection of Java interfaces and one factory class. They define an interface between the applications and the different hardware and operating systems. JTAPI didn't include an implementation for any kind of hardware. This implementation is the part of the hardware vendor or other interestet programmer. At the moment only a small number of implementations is known. They are implemented by hardware vendors for their own hardware.
In this project I created an implementation that use the TAPI interface from Microsoft. In this version I implemented the basic functionality to establish a call.

I published an article about this project in the german Java-Magazin 3/2001. This article describes the basics of JTAPI and the implementation of the bridge detaildly.

The following pages describe this project and all my knowledge of JTAPI.

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