JTAPI-TAPI-Bridge Build

Since version 1.1 a Ant build file exists in all directories. This files are an easy way to build the LongJTAPI binaries.

You need a working Ant installation. Details of the latest version can be found on the Apache Jakarta Project web site.

I have also write a Ant build file for the JTAPI interface. You can download this build file here. The file must be located in the directory "src/jaxax/telephony" and have the name "build.xml".

The ollowing steps are necessary to build a working version of LongJTAPI:

  1. Install und test Ant.
  2. Unpack the LongJTAPI sources in a directory named "src".
  3. Unpack the JTAPI sources in the same directory "src".
  4. Copy the file "build.xml" in the directory "src/javax/telephony".
  5. Open a console window and change to the directory "src/javax/telephony".
  6. Call "Ant" without a parameter.
  7. Change to the directory "src/de/longsoft/Utilities".
  8. Call "Ant" without a parameter.
  9. Change to the directory "src/de/longsoft/telephony".
  10. Call "Ant" without a parameter.
  11. Change to the directory "src/de/longsoft/LongDialer".
  12. Call "Ant" without a parameter.
  13. Change to the new directory "../release". This directory contain the builded JAR files.
  14. Copy the LT_JTAPI DLL in the directory "../release".
  15. Start the test application with a double click on "LongDialer_1_1.jar".

To use LongJTAPI with an other application you need the files LongJTAPI_1_1.jar, LongUtilities_1_1.jar, LT_JTAPI_1_1.dll and telephony_1_3.jar.

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