JTAPI-TAPI-Bridge Example

Besides the adjusted listener example the package contains a small example program. It is a dialer you can use as a dialing assistant for a phone on the same telephone line. The dialer co-operates very well with the Fritz!-Card (ISDN-card) and a sound card in your computer. After you have installed the latest TAPI-Driver (Version 2.0.x) from AVM (http://www.avm.com) you can use the computer as a phone set.

Before you start dialing, you must curry out some settings in LongJTAPI and the LongDialer. You can find a description of all these settings next time on a separate page.

If you start the dialer, you can see the following surface:

Put in the remote telephon number and press the Dial-button. The dialer starts building up the connection immediately.

All events sent by JTAPI will be shown in the Messages-Tab.

The Options-Tab contains the necessary address from the provider domain and the names and telephon numbers of the Memo-Button.

You can find more detailed information on the version of the LongDialers on the About-Tab.

If you have problems with the test have a look at the tips to Windows NT and Windows 2000. I hope you find the solution for your problem.

You can find the source files of the example on this page and the binaries on this page.

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