The JTAPI interface

The idea of JTAPI is an interface between Java applications and the telephony hardware and operating system. So you can write applications for all types of telephony systems.

You can see the configuration on a desktop computer in the following picture.

A client server configuration is published as well.

JTAPI is divided in some packages. Each package contains a special functionality. You don't have to implement the complete package. Also partly implementations are possible. There exist capability classes, which can be used to test the implemented functionality. So an application can respond to different implementations. All the packages are shown in the next picture.

A minium implementation must implement a big part of the Core package. This minimum implementation is the scope of my JTAPI-TAPI-Bridge.

For my work I had prepared class diagrams of the Core package. You can download this diagrams in the table below.




javax_telephony.ppt 45 kByte Class diagram of the javax.telephony package
javax_telephony_capabilities.ppt 18 kByte Class diagram of the javax.telephony.capabilities package
javax_telephony_events.ppt 42 kByte Class diagram of the package

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