Ralf's leisure projects

Sometimes I have some free time and if I haven't been sitting at the computer enough at work, I spend my time with Linux and the Raspberry Pi. Maybe the information I've gathered here will help you.

Software Development for Animation Films
Capture Stop Motion Films using Linux and Windows.

qStopMotion - WebCam - FireWire

Installation - Capture Images - Create Films

Raspberry Pi Projects
My third and fourth is a Pi

(Only in german language)

Python Software Development
The Pi speaks Python

Python is the programming language of the Raspberry Pi. Tips about Eclipse as a Python IDE and small projects to implement missing functions.

(Only in german language)

LoRaWAN & Smart Anything
The Pi communicates with sensors

The Raspberry Pi as part of the smart house/garden/town. Tips on communication with many small sensors and building them yourself.

(Only in german language)